Language They Spoke Official Poster with Laurels


A great deal of contemporary society has a very unhealthy relationship with silence. People fear silence more than anything else, often rushing to fill the space with meaningless entities so that they are no longer uncomfortable.
Eastern traditions of Tao, Tantra and Zen Buddhism highly revere mauna, or silence, as the Language of Gods, the living force leading to the peaceful unmoving state of self. This poetic film invites you to find repose in this instrument of discomfort.


Mar 2020   Rishikesh Int'l Film Festival India 
Jan 2020    Topanga Film Institute Topanga, USA
Dec 2019    Ojai Short Film Festival Ojai, USA
Nov 2019    SPIRIT Film Festival, Tel Aviv, Israel 
Nov 2019    L’Age d’Or International Arthouse Film Festival Kolkata, India
Nov 2019    Global Taj Int'l Film Festival Agra, India