Sej Saraiya is an award-winning Indian photographer, creative director and writer whose photographic journey began ten years ago in the Amazonas where a night long conversation with an elder opened her eyes to the wisdom of those “who have not yet  forgotten the old ways”.

After graduating from the University of Southern California in 2009, she started to travel to the unexplored interiors of the culturally rich Asia and the Americas in an attempt to transcend language and cultural barriers and explore consciousness. Although she had been seeing the world through a lens since she was ten years old, it was only then that her camera became an extension of herself.

She has two major bodies of work concerning different subjects: Advaita (2015) focusing on the interrelatedness of all living beings, and Faces of the Indigenous (2018) a powerful document on vanishing cultures around the world. Her artwork has been purchased by enthusiasts in Belgium, California, New York, and India. 

Sej Saraiya

Her Philosophy

"The reason I photograph is to experience human existence beyond the precinct of words. As human beings, we often overuse our ability to communicate—expressing more, experiencing less. Most world philosophies have adopted sabda or ‘word’ as the single valid means of knowledge. But the human spirit illuminates magnificently with direct perception and inference. And the story lies in the unspoken word."

Sej Saraiya


November 2018   ANIMAL ADVOCACY THRU ART           Lois Lambert Gallery, Los Angeles, CA 

May 2018              FACES OF THE INDIGENOUS                Electric Lodge Art Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

May 2018              DEPAYSÈMENT                                          Nous Tous Art Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

September 2017   SCHOOL'S OUT FOREVER                     Legato Art Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

August 2017          EVOKING THE UNSEEN                         Venice Love Shack, Los Angeles, CA

July 2017                BEATLES VISIT TO INDIA                      Santa Monica Assembly Hall, Los Angeles, CA

June 2017                ADVAITA                                                  Topanga Canyon, Los Angeles, CA

April 2017               ADVAITA                                                   Uttra Art Gallery, Rishikesh, India

March 2017            SACRED INDIA: ADVAITA                    Maharishi "Beatles" Ashram, Rishikesh India

Lectures & Presentations

August 2018    EMPOWERED FILMMAKER MASTERCLASS (with VoVo Productions) New Hazelton, BC

August 2018    EMPOWERED FILMMAKER MASTERCLASS (with VoVo Productions) Kamloops, BC

March 2018     LECTURE ON STORYTELLING, FILMMAKING & CONSCIOUSNESS (with Marc Baraka Strauch) Beatles Ashram Rishikesh, India

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